Frequently Asked Questions

About is the charity  crowdfunding platform that allows you to get involved with social causes through the creation of solidarity challenges based on crowdfunding, so collective financing. Through you can support NGOs and non-profit organizations.

The way it works is as follows: a person (a group of people or a company) takes the initiative to create a solidarity challenge in favor of an NGO, sets an economic goal and shares it with family, friends and acquaintances to be supported through donations.

Charity crowdfunding allows you to get involved with social causes through the creation of crowdfunding campaigns based on collective funding. Through you can support NGOs amd non-profit organizations in an active way, helping to finance their projects. Likewise, charity crowdfunding is the highest form of "with the sum of small contributions, great goals that help improve people's life can be achieved".

In relation to other existing crowdfunding platforms, these are the differential aspects of

· Donation crowdfunding: is a donation crowdfunding platform. Each euro received through is intended for non-profit organizations. The donation is pure and simple and the donor does not receive a reward in return.

· The "everyghing counts" model: unlike the "all or nothing" crowdfnding model, is characterized by the "everything counts" model, in which the organization that benefits from a solidarity challenge receives the funds collected, independently of whether the target has been achieved or not. That means that any donation received at will be transferred to the beneficiary organization.

· Focused on non-profit: is a specialized tool to help finance projects supported by non-profit organizations: NGOs, foundations, associations or cooperatives. Currently, more than 1,900 NGOs trust us, being the leading platform in the sector.

· Transparent and committed: transparency and ethics are two of our main priorities. In this sense, donations are made through secure payment systems such as a bank gateway and PayPal. In addition, we track the funds raised through a system of accountability that we request to non-profits. is a project promoted by Fundación real dreams, a non-profit organization that connects people, companies and other non-profits through digital tools of fundraising and product donation, as well as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

The registration and use of is free for all users. applies a 4% commission on the amount collected to NGOs and organizations that receive funds. This commission is reinvested in technological improvements, in providing an optimal service to NGOs and in offering a unique solidarity experience to users. In addition, there are bank charges that are derived from the use of the payment gateway costs (0.9%) and PayPal (2.9%), which are subtracted from the transfer we make to NGOs.

See Terms and Conditions here. is a non-profit-driven project funded by Fundacion real dreams, which at the same time is a non-profit organization. Then, the commission of is dedicated to improvements in the platform with the aim of offering a better service to all users (NGOs, donors and challenge leaders):

  • Technological innovation: we want the platform to have the best technology to offer a good experience of use to NGOs, donors and challenge leaders. The technology evolves very quickly and has to innovate constantly.
  • Give personalized attention to the users, donors and leaders of challenges of resolution of doubts, advice to raise more funds, management of the fiscal certificates, monitoring of the challenges, etc.
  • Establish collaboration agreements with major solidarity campaigns to get NGOs to receive more donations:
    • First-class sports events such as marathons, triathlons, etc.
    • Humanitarian Emergencies
    • #Givingtuesday: A day to give
  • Mobilize our community and raise awareness by communicating and disseminating the challenges and solidarity initiatives of
  • Encourage strategic alliances with companies that support and the causes that the platform hosts.
  • To promote #SportWithValues as a fundraising tool for NGOs.
  • Implement a strategy of attracting companies with the objective that they develop their CSR in line with crowdfunding solidarity.
  • Train NGOs and non-profit organizations.
  • Provide a value-added service for NGOs, including:
    • Data download from donors
    • Downloading reports on fundraising, challenges and donations
    • Access to reports with graphs and statistics
      Issuance of tax certificates
    • Presentation of Model 182
    • Possibility of winning the "The cause of the month" award promoted jointly with Obra Social "la Caixa" (€ 500 prize for the 12 winning causes).

Sobre retos solidarios

A solidarity challenge is a crowdfunding campaign at, which is led by a person, group of people or company that raises funds in favor of a non-profit organization. The goal is to help fund projects of the selected organization and for this reason the challenge leader encourages all of his contacts (friends, family, co-workers, etc.) to collaborate with a small (or large!) donation. NGOs, foundations, associations or cooperatives can also create and lead challenges in their own favor.

Any person, group of people, company or non-profit organization (NGO, foundation, association, cooperative) can create and lead a crowdfunding campaign in order to raise funds for a social and solidarity cause.

Only NGOs and non-profit organizations (foundations, associations or cooperatives) legally constituted and registered in Spain can receive donations through To be eligible for donations, these organizations must register at and must provide the required data and documentation in the registration process.

Para líderes de retos

If you want to get involved with an NGO, foundation, association or cooperative, this is your site. was born in 2009 as the first crowdfunding platform for charities in our country and we are currently the reference platform in the social sector. We collaborate with over 1,900 non-profit organizations. is the platform that allows you to become an ambassador for your cause. In addition, offers you:

- Personalized attention

- Advice and useful tips in the creation process of your solidarity challenge

- Communication support.

- The platform uses the model "every € counts": which means that each donation reaches the NGO, whether or not the economic objective is reached. 

Any person, group of people or company can create and lead a crowdfunding campaign (solidarity challenge) in order to raise funds for a social cause .

There are 4 steps:

1. Register on the web

2. Choose the social cause you want to support

3. Create your challenge: tell your story, add photos and videos (optional) and set the fundraising objective and a time frame.

4. Share your initiative: encourage all your contacts to make a donation (family, friends, colleagues…) in your solidarity challenge.

The economic objective your set, must be realistic and achievable. It is important that before publishing your initiative, you think about the number of people you can involve,  and also about the impact of the number of “shares” in social media our can reach. Will you involve your company and your colleagues? Will you talk to the media? Will you ask all your friends to support you? Will you encourage your family to share your initiative with their friends? All these factors are important to achieve the goal. It is better to be conservative in setting the goal, since the psychological factor of moving towards an achievable and reasonable figure increases the donations of the social challenge.

The planning of the timing for launching the initiative and the communication plan are key elements to be successful. If there is a key date for the campaign (sports event date, anniversary, presentation), it is recommended to create the challenge with a month or a month and a half in advance. A solidarity challenge should always have a start and finish date.

It is very important you dedicate effort and energy to share it with your contacts. Today, there are many channels that help us reach our audience: social media, WhatsApp, email, blogs, word of mouth, etc. makes it easy: every solidarity challenge already has the buttons to share the challenge. Use them! In addition, informing your donors, keeping them updated, helps to increase donations. For example: announce that you have won the first 500 €, announce when you get 50% of the goal, announce how the training goes if you are preparing for a sportive event, etc. And finally, when the challenge is over, thank your donors for their collaboration.

As a user you have a profile page from which you can access and update  the public information about your solidarity challenge/initiative. In your profile you can publish updates, thank the donors, modify or add content, images and videos, as well as modify the end date of your campaign at any time.

In each solidarity challenge you have the button "Share this story". This is where you will find the different tools to share your solidarity challenge:

- You can crete a widget to insert it in other websites / blogs

- Buttons to share on Facebook and Twitter

- The link to share it through email, WhatsApp or Instagram.


Registering and creating a solidarity challenge at is free. Nevertheless, applies a fee of 4% of the donations. In addition, there are banking expenses derived from economic transactions. Are expenses arising from the use of the payment platform: TPV La Caixa costs 0.9% and the costs of PayPal is 2.9%.

Through your user profile you can access your iniciatives and, you can thank the people who have collaborated in your challenge through the "comments" section where you can leave text messages.

Yes, you can change the final date of your solidarity challenge at any time. However, keep in mind that you can confuse your donors. The crowdfunding campaign must have a starting and ending data  with the aim of scheduling the actions of communication and donations. is based on the crowdfunding model "every donation counts": the the NGO receives the funds fundraised despite the objective has been  reached or not. That means that any donation received at will be transferred to the NGO. 


If the objective is exceeded  the donations will continue to be added to the fundraising objective  (for example: 137%). A solidarity challenge can continue to receive donations until the final date of the campaign. In addition, the donation button will remain active for a week after the end date of the campaign  to give an opportunity for people who go last minute.

Yes, the donation button will remain open until one week after the deadline. Anyway it is important to encourage donors to make donations before the final date. 

In there is no minimum or maximum amount established. The donor can choose the amount he wants to donate. Our philosophy is that any contribution is very useful to help others.

No, through a solidarity challenge you can only raise funds for a single organization (NGO, foundation, association or cooperative). If you want to support more  organizations, you must create more fundraising campaigns. However, we addvice the risk of having different initiatives at the same time: split fundraising efforts. It is better to first support one cause and then another.

Yes, through your user page you can hide a solidarity challenge (when you have already received donations) or delete it (as long as you have not received donations). In your user page you can access all your challenges and modify this option (hide, delete or publish).

Monthly we transfer the donations to the NGO's. Within the first 2 weeks of the following month we transfer all the funds raised (after deduction of the fee and the banking expenses). 

If the NGO you want to help is not registered at, you have 2 options:

1) Contact the NGO explaining that you want to lead a crowdfunding campaign for them in and, ask them to register in the platform. 2) Contact us and we will help the NGO you wish to register.

For NGO is an online crowdfunding platform of solidarity and the only beneficiaries can be non-profit organizations such as NGOs, foundations, associations or cooperatives.

In order to register at, an organization must be legally constituted as a non-profit entity and has to be registered in Spain. On the NGO registration form we ask for the organization's data, in addition to attaching copies of the CIF, the official registration document and the bank certificate in order to verify the veracity of the information provided.

In order to raise funds thanks to crowdfunding solidarity, we recommend that you offer this way as a more collaborative formula with your NGO. It is highly advisable that you inform about thiw way of collaboration on your website, but also in your social networks and in all communication materials of your organization. We have prepared a communication kit [[[[LINK]]]] with content that can be an inspiration to incorporate this information into your website. We recommend that you incorporate this information into the "Collaborate with us" section of your organization's website.

In particular we recommend that you incorporate information about crowdfunding solidarity through in the following channels:

· Website: include a text explaining how people can create a challenge in favor of your cause and so raise funds in your favor.

· Social networks: remember that is an original and fun way to get involved with your cause.

· Communication materials: in your presentations, brochures, annual report, etc. Explain to your followers how can be used in favor of your NGO.

Yes, a beneficiary organization (NGO, foundation, association or cooperative) can create and lead a challenge in their own favor. We recommend this option when the organization has a specific project that needs funding.

Yes, an organization can have multiple active solidarity challenges at the same time. For example, there may be a crowdfunding campaign led by the same organization while several people lead solidarity challenges in favor of this same organization.

We monthly transfer the funds raised to the organizations. During the first week of the month we carry out the economic closure of the previous month and then we transfer all  funds collected (after deduction of the commission from and the commission derived from economic transactions). The transfer takes place during the first fifteen days of the month.

Through the search engine at the home page, an organization can access its public profile and see all the solidarity challenges in its favor. An organization can also access this information by entering the NGO privat user profile.

Yes, organizations that receive funds thanks to the solidarity challenges in their favor will be able to access and download donor data. Through their private NGO profile, organizations will be able to access this information.

Yes, allows you to monitor crowdfunding campaigns (both active and historical) and to check statistical data about the campaigns. This information is accessible through the NGO's private profile.

Non-profit organizations (NGO, foundation, association or cooperative) can register at and thus use our crowdfunding tool as a further way for funding the organization projects. Just because of being part of our platform, your organization will already be able to be chosen as a recipient of funds by any user.

In addition, offers you:

  • Personalized attention
  • Advice and consultancy in the creation and development of solidarity challenges
  • Private profile of NGO that allows:
    • Monitor crowdfunding campaigns
    • Consult and download data of donors, challenges and leaders of solidarity challenges
    • View statistical data on the campaigns.
  • Communication support
  • Agreements with major sport events (sport with values)
  • Official platform of the global solidarity campaign #GivingTuesday in Spain
  • Issuance of fiscal certificates to donors
  • Presentation of Model 182
  • Option to be the NGO winner of the "The cause of the month" award jointly promoted by Obra Social "la Caixa" (€ 500 prize for the 12 winning causes).
  • Option of participation on matchfunding calls. 

No, the beneficiary organization should not issue tax certificates to donors, as it is migranodearena (creator of who issues them. Donors have the option of requesting the tax certificate of any donation they make through Donors can download the tax certificate at the time of donation or can download it at any time from their private profile.

Para donantes

You can make a donation to a solidarity challenge of through two ways:

1. Using a credit or debit card
2. Using your PayPal account.

At there is no minimum or maximum amount established. The donor can choose the amount he/she wants to donate to support a solidarity challenge. Our philosophy is that any contribution, small as it may be, adds up.

Yes, when making a donation in a solidarity challenge, you can choose to have your name visible (only the name, not the surnames) or make a donation anonymously. is based on the 'everything counts' crowdfunding model (different from the 'everything or nothing' model), which is characterized by the following: the organization that benefits from a solidarity challenge receives the funds collected regardless of whether it has reached the established objective or not. That means that any donation received at will be transferred to the beneficiary organization.

Being social crowdfunding, at we believe that any grain of sand counts.

Everything that is collected on is intended for social purposes. There is a 4% commission applied by which is deducted from the transfers made to the NGOs, as well as the bank costs of the donations (0.9% applied by the bank or 2.9% that applies PayPal ). These commissions are deducted from the funds to be transferred to NGOs and beneficiary organizations.

Helping to spread a solidarity challenge among your contacts (friends, family, co-workers and acquaintances) is a great support. As more people are aware of a solidarity challenge, more people will be able to collaborate in it and more funds can be raised in favor of an NGO.

If you are trying to donate and you receive an error message, try again and verify that you are entering your card information correctly, that the account associated with the card has enough balance, that the monthly credit limit has not been exceeded or that the card is not expired. If the error persists, check with your bank to make sure there is no error with the bank card. For any incidents, please send us an email to detailing what happened and attach a screenshot with the error.

Yes, getting involved and collaborating with the solidarity challenges at has tax benefits of between 75% and 30%. Here are all the details:

From January 1, 2015, after introducing some modifications in Law 49/2002, of December 23, on the Fiscal Regime of Non-Profit Entities and on Tax Incentives to Patronage, the applicable deduction types are as follows:

1. Personal Income Tax (IRPF):

- First 150 € in donations to one or several organizations: 75%

- Other: 30%

- Multiannual donations (to the same entity for at least 3 years)> 150 € *: 35%

2. Corporate Income Tax (IS):

- Donations in general: 35%

- Multiannual donations (to the same entity for at least 3 years) *: 40%

* For equal or greater amount, in each of them, to the previous year.

** Important: the reform of the tax incentives to patronage does not apply outside Spain, nor to the Basque Country or Navarre, which maintains a deduction of 20% and 25% respectively of the total contributed.

All donors who are tax residents in Spain are entitled to tax relief from their donations at For this it is essential to indicate correctly your DNI or NIE as well as name and surname (in the case of a person) or NIF and company name (in the case of a company). If you are not a tax resident in Spain, you should consult with the tax authority of your country of residence any tax deductions. will not be responsible for the filing and processing of the tax documentation to the tax, payments and customs authority.

Once the donation is made, you will receive in your e-mail address the confirmation and a unique reference number.

Yes, you can donate from anywhere in the world, as long as you do it via credit / debit card or through a PayPal account. You can only donate in Euros (€).

Once a donation has been made, the User has access to the Tax Certificate of the same. The Tax Certificate, which must be used for the tax deduction of the tax return, can be consulted and downloaded in the private profile of each user.

In order for a tax certificate to be valid, it must contain the following information without errors: name, surname (company name in the case of legal persons), DNI / NIE / NIF, postal address and postal code. It is the obligation of the donor to have this information duly completed in the profile.