Learn what we can do for you as an NGO

Migranodearena.org is the crowdfunding platform that allows your NGO to connect with people and companies interested in supporting your cause.

«There are no problems we cannot solve together, and very few that we can solve by ourselves.»

Albert Einstein


How can an NGO get the most out of migranodearena?

There are 2 ways in which you can use migranodearena, you can learn about the benefits of each of them down below.

Peer to peer

Find campaign leaders who can raise funds for your NGO and become ambassadors of your cause.

Crowdfunding lead by the NGO

Use crowdfunding to finance a specific project.

Solidarity challenges in your favor: When?

Third parties or companies can lead solidarity challenges and raise funds in your favor for different reasons:

Engage in a sporting event

Engage in a sporting event

There are many people who add a solidarity challenge to their sporting challenge in events like marathons, triathlons, etc.

Organize a solidarity celebration

Organize a solidarity celebration

An anniversary or wedding are the perfect occasions to receive donations for your favorite NGO instead of gifts.

The become involved with the cause and turn it into a personal challenge

The become involved with the cause and turn it into a personal challenge

Any time is a good time to become an ambassador of a cause.

They organize a corporate solidarity event

They organize a corporate solidarity event

During the event, they also encourage participants to collaborate in the crowdfunding.

Ideas to create a solidarity challenge

NGOs can also create and lead solidarity challenges. Your collaborators, partners and friends will support you!
These are some cases in which it can turn our to be successful:

Finance a specific project of the NGO

Finance a specific project of the NGO

Do you need funds to develop a specific project? Look out for allies through a solidarity challenge!

Raise funds for a humanitarian emergency

Raise funds for a humanitarian emergency

If your NGO acts against a humanitarian emergency or a natural disaster, raise funds to save more lives.

Join a major solidarity campaign

Join a major solidarity campaign

Every year we support huge solidary causes that seek to mobilize society in favor of NGOs and their causes. A good example of this is GivingTuesday.

Offer «Row Zero» in a solidarity event

Offer «Row Zero» in a solidarity event

If you organize a charitable event, you can create a solidarity challenge row 0 to channel donations from those who can't attend.

How to create a solidarity challenge step by step?


Sign up or log in

Once you've accessed your account, select the "Create your challenge" option


Select your own organization

Your NGO will be the beneficiary of the solidarity challenge


Create your challenge

Tell your story, add images and videos, and establish the aim of your fundraising


Share your challenge

Encourage your people to collaborate and reach the highest number of donations

What are the advantages of raising funds through migranodearena?


You can reach out to the migranodearena community to spread your campaign


We are a Foundation and understand your needs


You can customize your campaign with messages, images, and videos


You can post updates about your campaign, and your donators will receive an email notifying them about it.


You can report back to your donators.


Increase and expand your social base.


We provide donation certificates to donators automatically so that they can deduct taxes of their contribution.


You gain visibility and reach out to more people that don't know you NGO.


You can incorporate the challenge on your website through a widget and broadcast it on your social networks with just one click.


You can offer rewards to motivate donators to participate. This means that, for each donation, you can make a gift to the donator (either materialistic or an experience). Let your imagination fly!


You can receive two types of donations: occasional or recurrent.


Being registered at migranodearena means you are also part of our Solidarity Boxes.

Find inspiration in these successful causes:

Solidarity Boxes

Solidarity Box is a gift that contains a donation in a box. Whoever receives this gift can choose your NGO as beneficiary and dedicate the donation to your organization. We're always looking out for new ways to allocate funds for you!


Moreover, if you are an NGO and are in need of furniture or computer equipment, visit our product donation tool Donalo.org and you'll be able to find what you're looking for.