What is social crowdfunding?

A social crowdfunding campaign raises funds in favour of a cause or social project and is financed through microdonations.

Why choose migranodearena.org for your social crowdfunding campaign?

Every € counts

In migranodearena the donations arrive to the causes on a monthly basis, no matter the crowdfunding campaigns reach or not their fundraising objective. 

Transparent and committed

Migranodearena offers máximum transparency and easy accountability. Donations are displayed in real time in our website.

Networking community

Migranodearena counts on a wide community of solidary people that will have access to your campaign.


We offer assessment for you to create your cause successfully and guide our users throughout their campaigns.


Add rewards to your cause to encourage donations, it’s a wonderful way to thank your donators for their collaboration.

Customizable, inexpensive, and easy

Migranodearena is a platform that helps finance social projects in an easy and inexpensive way. Your campaign is 100% customizable.

Who can lead a crowdfunding campaign?

Any non-lucrative entity, individual person, company or collective that counts on a community predisposed to support the campaign and that is ready to raise funds for a social cause.

How to arrange a crowdfunding campaign?

Starting your own crowdfunding campaign is very easy if you follow these 3 steps:

Create your campaign

Create your campaign

Describe the project to finance.

Use the best graphic materials.

Define a realistic goal.

Find a catchy title

Limit the duration of your campaign

Spread the word

Spread the word

The success of your campaign depends on the way you announce it. Keep your donators informed on the progress of your campaign through the Updates section.

Appreciation and accountability

Appreciation and accountability

Thank your donators for their collaboration and let them know about what you achieved thanks to their donations.

When solidarity is rewarding


Rewards-based crowdfunding takes place when you offer a product or service to those that contribute to your cause.


It will be a symbolic reward but enough to thank donators for their collaboration.


A reward can be any product or service that the entity is able to offer and that can interest potential donators.


For instance: access a masterclass, a t-shirt, a digital book, a photo, mentioning the name of the donator of the entity…


The person responsible to give rewards away is the leader of the campaign.