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Red runners 2017/18

En esta 8ª temporada de los Red Runners (2017/2018), queremos continuar con la exitosa co...


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Add grains of sand for a social and solidarity cause. Lead a charity challenge and share it with your family, friends and acquaintances to support you.

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It promotes solidarity among all the stakeholders in your company, promotes corporate social responsibility and generates social impact.

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Amplify your cause through crowdfunding. Get funding for your projects and open the doors to more people knowing about your mission.

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Ideas to get you started

Participate in a sports race

Participate in a sports race

If you participate in any organized sports event (marathon, triathlon or open water competition), add a charity challenge to your sporting challenge. Become #SolidarityAthlete

Get involved in a big charity event

Get involved in a big charity event

Each year we welcome large solidarity campaigns which aim to mobilize civil society in favour of NGOs and its causes.

Organize a solidarity celebration

Organize a solidarity celebration

An anniversary, a wedding or a graduation celebration are good occasions to receive donations instead of gifts. Involve your family, friends and coworkers in this charity action.

Get involved in a humanitarian emergency

Get involved in a humanitarian emergency

Raise funds to help NGOs working against a humanitarian crisis or a natural disaster. The goal is to save more lives and to rebuild affected communities.

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Causes that are leading this month's ranking

Fundación Mª Loreto Sullà Gabernet

La Fundación se dedica a mejorar las condiciones de vida de comunidades necesitadas y desfavorecidas. Actualmente está trabajando en Perú. Atiende a enfermos, ancianos, niños y jóven...

Fundraised this month 10058 €

Donations 78


Africa, Stop Malaria

"Africa, Stop Malaria" es un asociación si animo de lucro que trabaja en la prevención de la malaria en Gambia y Senegal desde el año 2008. Sus herramientas no sólo son las mosqui...

Fundraised this month 810 €

Donations 35


Asociación Akshy

Akshy India es una ONG registrada el 21 de enero 2007 como Asociación sin ánimo de lucro en el Registro Nacional de Asociaciones del Ministerio del Interior con el número 588315, CIF V-84965912, y...

Fundraised this month 785 €

Donations 33

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