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Nos encontramos frente a una situación crítica que amenaza nuestro entorno y la salud de quienes habitan en Asturias. Nos hemos propuesto influir en la formulación de un Plan de Residuos responsable, que respete tanto al medio ambiente como a la sociedad. 

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Your contribution as an individual

Help raise funds for a cause. Lead a solidarity challenge and share it with your family, friends and colleagues so that they can give you their support.

Your contribution as a company

Promote solidarity among your company's stakeholders, encourage corporate social responsibility and generate social impact.

Your contribution as an NGO

Amplify your cause through crowdfunding. Collect more funds for your projects and increase the possibilities of more people getting to know your mission.

Moments to create a solidarity cause

Sporting challenge

Sporting challenge

If you participate in any organized sports event (such as a marathon, a triathlon, etc.), add to your sports challenge, a solidarity challenge. Choose an NGO and become a #solidarityathlete.

Solidarity campaign

Solidarity campaign

Every year we host large solidarity campaigns that aim to mobilize civil society in favor of NGOs and their causes. A good example is GivingTuesday or La Marató de TV3 i Catalunya Ràdio.

Humanitarian emergency

Humanitarian emergency

Raise funds to help the NGOs facing humanitarian crisis, natural disasters or global pandemics.

Celebration or personal cause

Celebration or personal cause

A birthday, wedding or party with your friends are just some occasions in which you can receive donations instead of gifts. A personal challenge, climb a summit, do a study marathon... Whatever it is that moves you, you have to make sure your friends, family members and work colleagues get involved in this solidarity action.

In memory of

In memory of

When we lose a loved one we feel powerless. We can relieve our sadness by launching a solidarity campaign in their name to support a cause that they would have certainly supported.

Corporate cause

Corporate cause

Companies can help mobilize their groups of interest by creating a cause lead by the company or a group of employees. Matchfunding or "double donation" helps encourage donators to collaborate.

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Solidarity boxes

Allows you to gift a donation in a box that generates "real happiness".

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