Our team and advisory board

Find out who is behind migranodearena.org. A multi-disciplinary team made up by professionals with extensive experience in the third sector, fundraising, marketing and communication, who work day by day to make the solidarity challenges hosted in migranodearena.org a success.


Find out who is behind migranodearena.org.

David Levy

Founder of migranodearena.org, mission and vision

Migranodearena.org was born out of the concern of its president to create a space of social cohesion to connect people with social causes. David, an entrepreneur with a restless mind, helps us define the future of the platform at a strategic level, but above all, at a human level.

Emilia Caralt

Mission, strategy, partnerships and fundraising

Emilia is responsible for the executive direction of the project, ensuring compliance with the Foundation's objectives. With a vast experience in the area of ​​marketing, she brings a strategic result-oriented vision, in addition to a great deal of optimism.

Isabel Parellada

Fundraising, huge campaigns and communication

Isabel is responsible for advising the creators of crowdfunding campaigns and identifying fundraising opportunities for NGOs. Furthermore, she is responsible for the management and execution of large crowdfunding campaigns, and in charge of project communication, as well as training and events.

Begoña Relats

Fundraising, community assessment and relationship with companies and NGOs

Begoña is in charge of looking after the needs of our community and offers solutions and guidance to ensure campaigns achieve their objectives. She is also responsible to summon companies as agents of social change and connects them with NGO actions and projects.

Elena Rueda

Project manager at donalo.org

Elena is responsible for managing and coordinating product donations that go through donalo.org, a project based on the circular economy. It meets the needs of our community and ensures the proper functioning of the platform. Connects needs between companies and entities of the social and solidarity economy, and is involved in all stages of the project in order to achieve the expected objectives.

Esperanza Álvarez

Project manager Madrid

Located in Madrid, Esperanza is in charge of identifying fundraising opportunities and is responsible for the relationship and advice of the NGOs and entities located there. It is also in charge of convening companies as agents of change and connecting them with social projects. With its incorporation, migranodearena obtains a permanent representation in Madrid, with closeness and contact becoming especially important.

Consejo asesor

Our Advisory Council is formed by highly experienced professionals in many fields who help us draw the strategic lines of the Foundation.

Quique Bassat

Pediatric doctor specializing in International Health and epidemiology, he is a clinical researcher at the Barcelona Center for International Health Research (CRESIB/ISglobal), where he works with pediatric infectious diseases in vulnerable countries.

Emilia Caralt

Emilia Caralt has a degree and a Master's degree in Business Administration from ESADE. She currently holds the position of Manager at Tornos Abogados. She was previously director of the migranodearena Foundation, and she has 9 years of experience in Marketing in multinational FMCG companies.

Antonio Cortés

Antonio holds a Law degree from the University of Granada and is Doctor of Law by the University of Navarra. Professor of the Department of Commercial Law of the Faculty of Economic Sciences of the University of Bilbao. He is a founding partner of the firm Cortés Abogados.

Luís Huete

Luís holds a Law Degree, MBA from IESE Business School and is Doctor of Business Administration by Boston University. He has worked as a researcher for Harvard Business School developing scientific material and participating in a research project sponsored by Bell Communications.

Alejandro Loza

Executive director of the ALDA Foundation in Paraguay, whose objective is to promote a change in the educational systems of Ibero-American countries that guarantee the integral growth of people, sustainable economic development and the strengthening of democracies. US.

Dr. Antoni Esteve

Dr. Antoni Esteve has carried out extensive business in the Esteve pharmaceutical company, of which he was President during the period 2005-2012. He is currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of Esteve Teijin Healthcare and of the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation (FCRi).

Miguel Vicente

Chairman of Barcelona Tech City, an association made up of companies from the technology sector, whose objective is to consolidate and strengthen the sector and contribute to positioning the city of Barcelona as a benchmark on the international technology scene, ventured to co-create Antai Venture Builder in 2012 , a company that studies digital business models with successful startups such as Carnovo, Prontopiso, Corner Job, Deliberry, Glovo or Wallapop.

Isabel Rubio

President of the Adana Foundation, whose objective is to improve the quality of life of those affected by ADHD. She has a degree in Pharmacy and in Geography and History from the University of Barcelona.


Our ambassadors are people with a desire to grow solidarity within migranodearena.

Yolanda Bassat

Franc Carreras

Paco Caro

Ricard Santomà

Katherin Staib

Joan Fontrodona

Olaya García-Lancha

Nina Aragües

Roberto Ortega

Ninona Vila

Rosa Curt

Alfonso Villarroel

Miguel Forteza

Ricardo Domínguez

Jesús Casado

Anna Cirera

Mencía Mazón

Mireia Roura