Learn what we can do for you as a company

Are you part of a caring company? We encourage you to reflect your commitment with society by supporting an NGO and their projects through crowdfunding.

«Those who have the privilege to know have the duty to act.»

Albert Einstein


Which social action can my company perform?

We put at your disposal a wide range of actions that you company can commit to:

Create your challenge

Encourage solidarity among your company's stakeholders, promote corporate social responsibility and generate social impact.

Solidarity Boxes

Our Solidarity Boxes allow you to give a donation in a box that will bring pure joy.


Give your company's surpluses a second life and help cover the necessities of entities from the third sector.

Ideas to create a solidarity challenge

What is a good occasion to create a cause? Get inspired!

Support a humanitarian emergency

Support a humanitarian emergency

Raise funds to help the NGOs fighting against humanitarian crisis or a natural disaster.

Support scientific research

Support scientific research

Lead a crowdfunding campaign to help finance scientific research on a disease. No research means no cure, get involved!

Organize a corporate charitable event

Organize a corporate charitable event

Organize an event to support an NGO and encourage participants to collaborate in a crowdfunding campaign.

Join a major solidarity campaign

Join a major solidarity campaign

Every year we support huge solidary causes that seek to mobilize society in favor of NGOs and their causes. A good example of this is GivingTuesday.

Charitable sporting event

Charitable sporting event

Encourage your employees to turn their participation in a sporting event (marathon, triathlon, etc.) into a solidarity act thanks to crowdfunding, and motivate them with "match giving".

Support a colleague's cause

Support a colleague's cause

Your company can lead a cause to raise funds for the investigation of a disease that affects a work colleague or someone close to them.

There are plenty companies that trust us to incorporate their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) actions. These are just some examples of companies that usually work with us:

How to create a solidarity challenge step by step?


Click the "Create cause" button

Here's where the creation process of your crowdfunding campaign begins.


Pick an NGO

Pick the NGO you wish to support. If it's not listed, we'll invite it to join us.


Describe your challenge

Tell your story, add images and videos, and establish the aim of your fundraising.


Share your challenge

Encourage all company members to collaborate and reach the highest number of donations.


Share your cause and make sure it reaches new people

Encourage everyone within and around your company to collaborate and reach the highest number of donations possible.

Find inspiration in these successful causes:

2. Solidarity Boxes

With the Solidarity Boxes of migranodearena, you can gift solidarity in a box. It's the perfect present for your friends, family, work colleagues, and also for events.

If you want to see our boxes please head to the Solidarity Boxes page, where we explain what they consist of and show you different layouts. You can customize your box depending on the occasion. Contact us and we'll unravel all secrets

3. Donalo.org

Donalo.org is a digital meeting point based in circular economy in which surplus stocks in good condition are donated and recirculated to be reutilized. We turn residues into resources to generate a positive impact in the environment. We handle all sorts of products, especially reconditioning obsolete computers (within the ereuse circuit) to give them a second life, generating new jobs and providing sectors with large digital divides.

Learn more about this project at donalo.org or get in touch with us.

At the migranodearena Foundation we carry out different Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) actions.

Learn about all actions