COVID-19: Humanitarian Emergency in India and Nepal

With an average of more than 350,000 infections a day, India faces an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.
The tsunami of contagions collapses hospitals and creamatories. Hospitals continue to launch calls for help due to the lack of oxygen.
The critical situation it faces requires the mobilization and dispatch of aid from the international community.
India's dire situation has spread to its neighboring country, Nepal
Your help is essential to face this humanitarian crisis.
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Salud Ayuda humanitaria Cooperación internacional Derechos Humanos

SOS - Oxygen for Nepal, Isolation Center

The second wave of COVID-19 virus has struck Nepal with deadly force. The terrible scenes that have emerged from India are being repeated across Nepal

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Salud Ayuda humanitaria Cooperación internacional Derechos Humanos

Emergencia sanitaria COVID-19

La pandemia sigue haciendo estragos en un país practicamente olvidado. Ayúdanos en esta emergencia humanitaria desigual y demoledora.

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Hospital de Emergencia en Nepal

Adquisición URGENTE de material médico necesario para la puesta en marcha de un hospital de emergencia en Gorhka (Nepal )

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Emergencia Humanitaria en Nepal

Nepal sufre una grave crisis humanitaria debido a la expansión de la cepa India de COVID y a la falta de recursos unido a una nefasta política.

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Oxygen for India!

Collaborate in the purchase of medical equipment for COVID19 patients in India.

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Emergencia Covid19 Nepal

Necesitamos tu ayuda para la dsitribución de kits de alimentación básica, mascarillas y gel hidroalcohólico para el Snehi Kakh Lalitpur, un centro...

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