Attention NGO! Sport with values ​​is reborn stronger than ever after the pandemic. Seize it!

23 June 2021

As vaccination progresses, we are recovering the long-awaited “normality” that we left behind on March 14, 2020 when COVID-19 broke into our lives.
This "normality" is being translated, among other things, in the return of official competitions and the reactivation of sporting challenges in favor of social causes.
This circumstance is a great opportunity to boost your Fundraising strategy through the Peer to Peer of solidarity athletes linked to your entity.
1.- Find solidarity runners who want to participate in different sporting events.
2.- Encourage members, family, friends, collaborators of your entity to create sporting challenges to raise funds for your cause
- Get in touch with runners who have previously participated in favor of your NGO to see if they want to do it again. They can help you find other runners who want to participate.
- Go to sports and running clubs, they have runners, you just have to detect which runners are supportive.
- Companies often promote sport among their employees. If you have friendly companies, you can promote sport with values.
- Beneficiaries or beneficiary families and their environment. They are the people most sensitive to the problem.
- Volunteers who practice sports. They know your mission, and they sure can act as ambassadors for your cause better than anyone!
Many entities have already started to exploit this tool. We explain some success stories that we have now underway:
  • Jaime Lafita has been affected by ALS since 2016, but this sad disease has not stopped him from leading the DalecandELA team and showing that even with a damaged engine, you can live, you can enjoy yourself and you can achieve great challenges, such as Desafío Brussels. Jaime, overcoming himself and his illness, has carried out a great challenge: covering the more than 1,300km that separate Getxo (Bizkaia) from Brussels without the help of any motorized means. He set out with his team on a sailing boat on June 11 and arrived in France, where they continued their journey by bicycle until arriving in Brussels on June 21. The more than € 10,000 that are being raised with this great sporting challenge will be used to research this terrible disease without a cure.


  • Pep Vega's mother died in 1997 due to Lupus. From the day that Pep died, she was very aware that she wanted to do something to return all the effort, care and treatment that the doctors, nurses and hospital staff gave her. In memory of his mother and to give hope to all those afflicted with this disease, Pep has created the KMS project for Lupus research.


  • Official competitions are back! Lope Yagüe was dying to compete again and has signed up for the Vienna Marathon with which he has proposed a double challenge, improve his 3h and 25 min mark that he achieved in his last marathon, and raise € 3,000 in favor from the Metastatic Breast Cancer Association. Will it succeed?
  • The volunteers of the NGO PSE For the Smile of a Child, faced with the impossibility of being able to travel to Cambodia due to COVID-19, have organized the Phenom Penh Express 2 challenge with the aim of overcoming the 13,000 km that separate Phenom Penh from Madrid and in this way to obtain funds to send emergency food aid to Cambodia. The result has been 13,000 kms traveled, 49 challenges created and a total raised of € 32,271.
At migranodearena we are strong promoters of sport with values, contact us ( and we will help you create the campaign.