Zurich Marató de Barcelona 2018 Solidaria

If you are going to run the Zurich Marató de Barcelona 2018, do it for a good cause. You can support the cause in which you believe the most: children, poverty, rare disease, disability, etc. Your effort and dedication will bring you the best compensation. Create your solidarity challenge and share it with your family, friends, co-workers and acquaintances in order to reach your goal. Satisfaction of #SportWithValues is priceless!

Total collected : 93.740€
Educación Infancia Cooperación internacional

Barcelona Marathon for Yemen

Hi all, please join me in supporting one of the only NGOs operating in Yemen. I will run the Barcelona Marathon on March 11th with the hopes of raisin...

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42km corriemdo

 - Español: La Esclerosis Múltiple es una enfermedad neurológica crónica que afecta al ...

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