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Correm per la fundació CRAM

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Arce Garcia
Oscar Lopez, Carles Santclemente, Genís Raïch, Oriol Escolano, Marc Muñoz, Pol Canudas, Martina Canyelles, Montse Mir, Anna Corbella, Joan Blasco, Marcos Alvarez, Marc Hurtado, Mario Aspano, Pere Aranda, Arnau Domenech, Albert Ibars, Jose

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The first 150€ donated give you rights to an 80% deduction.

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Companies have a right to deduct 35% of their donations. Recurring donators* can deduct a 40%.

Resident donators in the Basque Country and Navarra can apply the donations set by the Provincial Law.

(*) Recurring donators are those that in the 2 immediate previous years have donated in favor of the same entity the same amount or even more than in the previous year.

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