Zurich Maratón San Sebastián 2022 (27/11/22)

The Zurich San Sebastián Marathon 2021 invites you to run for a social cause. It is about joining your sporting challenge with a solidarity challenge supporting the cause that motivates you the most. Running for a good cause has many rewards, sports satisfaction, the satisfaction of helping others and obtaining the solidarity number for free.

In addition to what you raise with your solidarity challenge, the Z Zurich Foundation supports your solidarity effort by contributing 50% of the total amount you raise until December 4, 2022 to the cause you have chosen to support through your challenge created in this Web page*.

*In order for the Z Zurich Foundation to contribute to your charitable challenge, the cause you choose must meet the following criteria:

• Be a registered charity and not an individual or unregistered organisation.

• The charity is reputable and transparent about its governance and does not pose any reputational risk to Zurich or the Z Zurich Foundation.

• The charity does not promote religion or require recipients to belong to a particular religion.

• The charity is not a political party, candidate or organization that supports military action.

• The charity is not an animal welfare charity.

You can support the cause that interests you the most: a project linked to Covid-19, health and medical research, social exclusion, international cooperation, childhood, the environment, etc...

En migranodearena.org has more than 2,800 non-profit organizations that dedicate your marathon. It is a gift to be able to run the San Sebastian Zurich Marathon again, doing it for a good cause is now a double opportunity.


Total collected : 29.341€
Salud Infancia Cooperación internacional

Maratón por la nutrición

Aprovisionamiento de cereales y legumbres para proporcionar 18.700 almuerzos nutritivos y saludables a más de 120 niñas y niños en Lamu, Kenia.

In support of