Vueling Cursa Bombers de Barcelona - 23 d'octubre 2022

The Firefighters Running Race is one of the most popular 10k races in the nation. This 2022 wants to continue growing on its solidarity, and in addition to collaborating with Bombers Solidaris, it wants to offer the possibility to runners who wish to support a social organization. You can create your own solidarity challenge or support some of those created by our firefighters and runners! Discover how to get it on the Cursa Bombers website!

Total collected : 19.715€
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Yunalma i Bombers de Barcelona correrem la Cursa i gaudirem d'un recorregut amb total accessibilitat, ajuda'ns que la ciutat sigui igual d'accessible.

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Correm per Enforma_Inspira

Correm per dotar de fons el projecte Enforma_Inspira apadrinat per la Fundació Èxit de Barcelona

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