CSR and digital Fundraising: an opportunity to relaunch your business in times of crisis

23 March 2021

Half of the small and medium-sized companies in Spain do not develop CSR policies for economic reasons. Corporate Social Responsibility is wrongly associated with large companies, large investments or large projects. However, there are studies that show that those medium or small companies that have applied responsibility policies have better overcome economic difficulties in times of crisis and have had a positive impact for the company, employees, customers and for society in general. .
There are many tangible benefits for a company when it carries out CSR initiatives: an improvement in reputation, a more human and close image is transmitted, a better perception of both customers and workers themselves. All of this ends up translating into an improvement in the company's results.


Actions that your company can take to promote its CSR strategy through migranodearena:

1) Digital Fundraising:

Contrary to what many people think, developing CSR initiatives does not have to be very expensive and complicated for the entity. Through digital fundraising, the company can make its CSR policy more visible in a global and transversal way, affecting all business areas. It is a 100% transparent and digital tool, easy to develop and implement, which does not require the outlay of many resources. It allows campaigns to be carried out according to what society needs at all times, establishing a clear, concrete objective with an easily quantifiable impact. In addition, with imagination and creativity, an attractive challenge can be devised for employees, thus promoting team building.

At migranodearena we have advised and helped carry out some CSR initiatives that have been very successful:

1.1) - Matchfunding:

A) "Banco Mediolanum Solidarity Week": with the slogan "Practice solidarity online", Banco Mediolaum promoted the third edition of its Solidarity week. Promoted by the Family Bankers, more than 60 solidarity activities were organized in favor of different social causes, with a result of € 220,000 raised through our platform. The keys to the success of the campaign were: the commitment of the Family Bankers as well as the involvement of the bank itself, which doubled the donation obtained in some challenges.

B) Marfeelers Against Coronavirus: the Marfeel company in full confinement in the month of April 2020, mobilized its entire team to raise funds for the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona to allocate it to the fight against COVID-19. Marfeel was committed, not only with the creation of the campaign, but also doubling the total collected. The result was a veritable tsunami of solidarity from the entire entity. Together they managed to raise € 14,188, thanks to this crowdfunding.

1.2.- Challenge led by employees:

A group of coworkers from the Puig company with a common hobby, running, decided to join together and carry out the Katsolidarios challenge: an orphanage in Red Alert. Together they trained, together they motivated each other, together they completed the 20 km of the Mitja Marató in Barcelona and together they managed to raise € 5,215, with which the wall surrounding the orphanage could be repaired. A great example of teamwork!

1.3.- Company-led sports challenge:

The Colt Technology Services company has been organizing and promoting sports and solidarity challenges among its employees for years, thanks to which they have managed to raise more than € 77,000 in favor of different social causes. Last year, in the middle of lockdown, they launched their Colt Charity Challenge 2020 in which they invited all their employees to do any physical activity by touring what they called the Colt Network for 10 days. The distance and the fundraising goal were ambitious, but the dedication, teamwork, and fighting spirit of Colt employees made it possible. Thanks to this initiative, € 7,630 was raised in favor of Aldees Infantils SOS de Catalunya, and it was possible to encourage and encourage employees at a very difficult time for everyone.

1.4.- Crowdfunding led by company:

The Munich Re department belonging to DKV Seguros decided to launch an initiative to alleviate the social costs of the pandemic on a global level. In Spain they materialized the initiative through the #EmpleadosfrentealCOVID campaign and managed to raise €11,486.

1.5.- Take advantage of special occasions:

A) The ESADE community had planned a series of solidarity activities during the Sant Jordi day in 2020, including the sale of solidarity roses. Covid-19 and the home confinement of last April 2020 did not prevent ESADE from launching the Sant Jordi Solidario campaign, with which it was asked to donate to the Arrels Foundation the money that would have been allocated to buy a rose. The campaign was well received and they managed to raise € 2,193.

B) Barcelona Tech City is a private project, promoted by local entrepreneurs whose mission is to position Barcelona as one of the main international technology hubs and represents more than 1000 companies. Last November, under the motto "In Barcelona Tech City we are many and together we not only add but multiply", they made a call to their entire ecosystem to help them raise money for La Marató de TV3 in favor of research of Covid-19. With their Barcelona Tech City campaign for the TV3 Marathon they managed to raise € 2,795.

2) Solidarity Boxes:

solidarity boxes are a gift that contains a donation inside a box so that the gifted person can allocate it to the NGO of their choice and thus contribute to a specific social cause. It is a unique and original gift with which you can surprise your employees, customers or suppliers. At migranodearena we prepare personalized solidarity boxes with your company logo.

3) Through the Dónalo platform,

our Market place of the circular economy, you can donate your computers, office furniture ... already amortized, to give them a second life. Through this CSR action, you will not only dispose of your company's surpluses, but you will also be helping to meet the needs of third sector entities and you will be taking care of the environment.