How to get the most out of migranodearena reports

8 April 2021

True to our commitment to help social entities in their fundraising strategy, at migranodearena we provide all social entities registered on our website with a series of Reports that provide information of great value to them.
The entity will find these reports in the private user profile of the web, where it will also be able to see and edit the solidarity challenges it is leading.


Collection Report:

This report provides the collection data of the entity month by month or delimited in a time period to choose. You can filter for a specific challenge or group all challenges in the same report. Among the data provided in this report, we highlight the breakdown of the total collected, the total discounted for commissions and the net total received. This report is very useful for the entity to know how the challenges of which it is a beneficiary are working and to know a priori how much money it will receive in a given month as a result of the donations received through migranodearena.


Challenge Report:

This report shows the data of the challenges created in favor of an entity in a time period to be chosen and will serve the entity to:

A) know the details of the challenge (objective, creation date of completion)
B) know the details of its evolution (collection and number of donations),
C) have the contact details of the challenge leader.

Donations Report:

This report provides you with the data of donations and donors in a time period to choose from. The information can be collected grouped for all challenges or for a specific challenge. The information provided by this report includes, but is not limited to: name / NIF of the donor, postal address, e-mail address and telephone number. This report is very useful for the entity as it allows it, in addition to integrating these data into the donor database, to analyze and draw conclusions about the results of the campaign that can guide it for future campaigns. Such as, for example, profile of the challenge donor, average donation, donation date to evaluate the impact of communication actions ...

The three reports allow you to export the data in CSV, Excel or PDF format.