CUDECA success story: "How we raised € 180,000 in 10 weeks"

11 May 2021

On May 5, we held the webinar "How we raised € 180,000 in 10 weeks" by the hand of its main protagonists, the consulting firm Ágora Social and Fundación Cudeca. In this webinar we analyzed in detail how the CUDECA Foundation's Efecto Girasol campaign was devised and executed, with which they managed to raise € 185,000 in 10 weeks, of which € 146,000 were raised through migranodearena.
Águstín Pérez, director of the social consultancy Ágora, explained to us the strategic planning of the campaign, and Ángel Krebber, responsible for communication and fundraising at Cudeca, was in charge of explaining to us how it was carried out.
CUDECA, is a foundation that provides palliative care to patients without the possibility of cure in the province of Malaga. Provides personalized attention, through physical and emotional support to both patients and their families.
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Planning Creative Strategy
The first leg of the strategy was to come up with a creative concept with the message “Add life to the days” and the slogan “Join the Sunflower Effect”. It expresses the power each of us has to add life to patients' days. The ability to add days to the lives of these people is not in our power, but we can make each day count. What was sought was to make tangible in a metaphorical way and transmit to people that with their donation they could contribute to the care that makes it possible for the last moments of people with cancer and other terminal illnesses to be done fully, serenely and with dignity.
The next question was to establish the economic objective of the campaign. The financial deficit of the Foundation could reach € 600,000 by the end of the year, but they proposed to tackle it in parts. For this reason, it was decided to cover the specific need to defray the annual cost of a multidisciplinary home care team, which amounted to € 185,000. To do this they calibrated how much they thought they were capable of achieving. It was an ambitious but achievable financial goal, which clearly identified the need for the foundation.
Two main references were established for the donor to make tangible the effect that his particular donation could produce.
Example of large donation: Days of care: € 507 daily cost of the interdisciplinary team (global objective / 385 days).
Standard donation example: Moments of life: € 50 (this donation could provide comforting experiences for patients, such as a therapeutic bath)
They wanted to give a positive approach to the campaign, while highlighting the urgency of the need.
The core of the fundraising campaign was crowdfunding through migranodearena.
The reasons why they chose our platform were:
1.- The fact that in migranodearena they could publish the campaign in both Spanish and English, given that a part of the public that Cudeca addresses are Europeans settled in Malaga, especially British.
2.- Because at migranodearena we provide donor data, which allows us to cultivate a relationship with them and end up turning them into recurring collaborators.
3.- Also because we allow corporate challenges and individual challenges to be published.
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In fact, in addition to crowdfunding. Peer to Peer was encouraged, that is, in a particular way, supporters of the organization create fundraising challenges, with which to get donations among their friends or colleagues. To this end, the migranodearena event was created to encompass all challenges together.
In order to reinforce the slogan, it was decided to launch a specific “landing page” with the name, in which all the details of the campaign were offered. Throughout the page, several calls to action to migranodearena's crowdfunding were included.
One of the actions that gave more impetus to the campaign was the dissemination of the testimony of María Rosa Martínez, mother of Pablo Ráez, a young man from Malaga who became famous for his fight against leukemia that finally ended his life. The video was emotionally charged and explained the importance of Cudeca's care to help her son live the last moments of his life. At the end of the video, he asked the campaign for collaboration. This video was broadcast on various channels.
Media planning:
The campaign was presented on December 16 at an online press conference.
First of all, meetings were held with the different departments of CUDECA to involve them in the campaign and explain how they could help. Meetings were held with:
-Cudeca professionals, to encourage them to donate and to spread the campaign among their friends and family.
-Volunteering Department, to encourage the creation of Peer to Peer challenges and disseminate the campaign.
-Department of charity shops, so that they would make mention of the campaign to their clients, and disseminate through posters, messages and brochures.
A telemarketing campaign was carried out to make calls to members, occasional donors, relatives of users and former Cudeca members, to make them aware of this campaign. Those who best responded to this campaign were the partners.
Many communications were also sent to the entire Cudeca database. The communication was made by segmenting by Partners and donors, Volunteers, Cudeca professionals and companies. The collaboration of the companies was lower than expected, probably due to the situation that existed due to the pandemic.
The campaign was widely disseminated through Cudeca's social networks, with great repercussion, which in turn served to increase the number of followers on all networks.
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In addition to organic publications, Cudeca invested € 520 in advertising on social networks, mainly on Facebook, which helped increase the reach of its posts. It also had the collaboration of some influencers, who got involved with the campaign and helped spread it through their Instagram accounts. The hashtag #EfectoGirasol or #SunFlowerEffect was used in all the publications.
Press conferences were also held with local councils, which promised to spread the word and some of them even participated by making a donation.
A solidarity television Gala was organized on the local channel 101TV to raise funds through the sending of solidarity SMS. The truth is that a very poor result was obtained from the solidarity sms.
The campaign had great coverage in local media, both written, radio, television and digital, with 77 impacts in provincial and local media.
They had a great challenge ahead of them, to get a high amount of money (which they needed to cover the deficit caused by the pandemic) in a short time and with a very limited amount of resources, and they succeeded. The keys were detailed planning and a lot of dedication. After reaching the proposed objective, the foundation used social networks to acknowledge the participation and involvement of all groups