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Immunotherapy and you, the hope against cancer

Immunotherapy, the use of the patient's immune system to attack tumor cells, is an excellent bet that Hospital del Mar has made to find new treatments








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Investigación científica Salud Cáncer

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Published: 9 Sep 2021

Immunotherapy and you, the hope against breast cancer  

Although the role of our defenses against cancer has been known since the late 19th century, it has been in the last five years that immunotherapy has established itself as the new great hope against cancer. 

In 2020, more than 34,000 cases of breast cancer were diagnosed in Spain (34% of cases of cancer in women).  

Immunotherapy is a type of treatment that takes advantage of the potential of the patient's immune system to fight their own disease. Current knowledge in biology and genetics, as well as modern technologies in research, open the possibility of programming this defense system to act against those cells that develop abnormally, as in breast cancer. 

Immunotherapy is becoming a revolutionary treatment as it has fewer side effects and is showing effectiveness where other therapies have failed.  

Immunotherapy has made it possible for the survival rate to increase year after year. The most important advance is that immunotherapy is working in some types of cancer, but we need more research to be able to expand the number of patients who can benefit, such as women with breast cancer. 
How can you collaborate? 

  • Make a donation. Your help, no matter how small, is very valuable. With your contribution, you help us to continue researching to find the specific formula for the cure of patients with breast cancer with immunotherapy. 
  • Get involve! Organize a sports career, a show, a concert, or a birthday. Involve your friends, family and raise funds for Amics Del Hospital del MAR. Contact us; we will help you.

The Institute Hospital del Mar de Investigaciones Médicas (IMIM) for the accumulated experience is considered a national and international reference center in immunotherapy, as evidenced by its participation in outstanding scientific publications. At present, Hospital del Mar and IMIM are leading research and immunological treatments applied to lung tumors and melanomas in Catalonia and Spain. 

Get to know the research carried out by the Hospital del MAR-IMIM.


La Fundació Amics de l’Hospital del Mar la formem professionals de l’Hospital del Mar i del Parc de Salut Mar, antics treballadors, pacients agraïts, voluntaris, entitats i persones de la societat civil compromeses amb la millora del benestar físic, emocional i social dels pacients i de les seves famílies.

La nostra missió és aconseguir la col·laboració de ciutadans, empreses i entitats de la societat civil, per tal de contribuir a l’excel·lència en l’atenció a la salut de les persones.

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