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2021 - Fifth year of Rato Baltin: A project that restores dignity to Nepalese girls, even during the pandemic.








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Published: 26 Jan 2021

With the Rato Baltin Project we empower women, give them an education and a job, and help them to make a better life for themselves.

📆 Fifth Year of Rato Baltin (Red Bucket): A program of participatory photography, sex education and menstrual cups to eradicate Chhaupadi in Nepal, a tradition that exiles girls and women while they menstruate, exposing them to a deadly environment.

What can we do with your help? 🙏🏽
- 10€ we can pay a menstrual health kit (With translated books + transportation+teaching cost)
- 60 can pay a month salary for a mentor to work as social mobiliser against Chhaupadi
- 100  provide one day training of a full class about heath and sex ed.
- 140 for a month Salary for a local trainer to work against Chhaupadi
- 1960
€ for a year salary for a local trainer to work against Chhaupadi 

🔴 What's the Problem: Chhaupadi.
In Nepal, placing menstruating girls and women in sheds or huts is a centuries-old tradition called chhaupadi.

During their periods, women are considered impure, dirty, contaminated and bad luck. They can’t touch their husbands, other family members, water sources, fruit trees, or cattle, among a host of other things. They may only eat rice.

The belief that menstruation is impure is so deep-seated that families overlook extreme risks involved in the practice.

Extreme temperatures expose them to health problems including pneumonia, diarrhoea, chest and respiratory tract infection. Every year 3 or 4 women die during this banishment, because of asphyxiation, hypothermia, snakebites or other wild animal attacks, and nobody knows the true numbers of how many are raped.

The practice is supported by community elders, husbands, mothers-in-law, traditional healers, and priests who have a profound influence in the community. Villagers believe that letting menstruating women inside the family house will infuriate the gods, which will have serious consequences for both families and the entire community.

💡Our Solution: The Rato Baltin Project,Sex Education, participatory photography and Menstrual Cups.
The Rato Baltin Project is a Menstrual Health Management and sexual education program that aims to eradicate this practice. 2021 is our fifth year working with community health workers, teachers, political leaders and local NGOs to this end. The Project is for girls, boys, women and their communities. We think that education is the only way to change these deeply held beliefs. With participative photography we invite them to speak about their menstruation, with an important part of the project being the distribution of a healthy and environmentally friendly solution: the menstrual cup.

😷 The 2021 Project  incorporates anti-Covid measures to ensure the health of everyone who participates. Before arriving, local women will sew cloth masks for everyone. This is how we work and protect ourselves.

📍We will go to 17 towns: All the towns where we have been in other years, and also 3 new schools.

The highlight of this year is that we will do a sex ed workshop for boys only! Let's see if this way respect for women grows !!! ... and that we are setting up a training center and a small business to help women earn a salary!

🥳 We have already distributed more than 2200 menstrual cups to girls in remote villages. Each girl received a cup and training on how to use it. They are also given a metal bucket (baltin) to have clean water and somewhere to boil the cup.

🎯Our goal is to destigmatize menstruation as a normal biological function, reduce the prevalence of Chhaupadi, and mitigate its consequences. Through these ends, girls and women are also empowered with the confidence to continue to attend school and be active in public spaces.

💜How you can help: Donate, Become a member, Share, Volunteer.
If you want to become a regular donor, or if you have a company that is interested in being a sponsor, your generosity will be reciprocated with regular updates and a mention of the company (logo) on our website.
Please contact us at or become a partner at

Share this page with your friends on social media, etc.

🙏🏽 Thank you very much from the be artsy team.

Important numbers of Rato Baltin from the beginning:

  - Beneficiaries: 27,099
  - Menstrual cup users: more than 2,263
  - Acceptance of the menstrual cup: 96%


be artsy es una asociación sin ánimo de lucro centrada en el desarrollo de proyectos creativos con el objetivo de proporcionar formación y experiencias a comunidades que, de otro modo, no tendrían acceso a ello. Nuestra intención es proporcionar a dichas comunidades (por medio de actividades artísticas y creativas) herramientas para mejorar la comunicación y abrir espacios a la reflexión crítica con tal de efectuar aquellos cambios internos que crean necesarios.

En resumen, nuestra intención es ayudar a las comunidades locales a través de la expresión artística con especial énfasis en las mujeres y aquellos temas que más les atañen. Es por este motivo que el proyecto que estamos llevando a cabo en la actualidad, el proyecto Rato Baltin, se centra en los temas de la menstruación e higiene en las comunidades rurales del Oeste del Nepal.


be artsy és una associació sense ànim de lucre centrada en desenvolupar projectes creatius amb l’objectiu de proporcionar formació i experiències a comunitats que, d’altra manera, no hi tindrien accés. La nostra intenció és proporcionar a aquestes comunitats (a través d’activitats artístiques i creatives) eines per a millorar la comunicació i donar espai a la reflexió crítica per tal d’efectuar aquells canvis interns que creguin necessaris.

És a dir, pretenem ajudar les comunitats locals a través de l’art, posant especial èmfasi en les dones i aquells temes que més les afecten. És per això que el projecte que estem portant a terme en l’actualitat, el projecte Rato Baltin, es centra en els temes de la menstruació i higiene a les comunitats rurals de l’oest del Nepal.


be artsy is a non-profit organisation developing creativity projects with the aim of providing different experiences and training oportunities to communities which would otherwise not be able to access them. We do not aim to only teach art just for the sake of art itself, but we also intend to provide communities with the tools to improve communication and effect the changes within they deem necessary.

In a nutshell, we wish to empower local communities through art with a special emphasis on women. Hence, our current emphasis, with the Rato Baltin Project, on the topic of menstruation and hygienic care through the Chhaupadi project in Nepal.

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Gràcies Gràcies Gràcies!!Namaskar

Endavant filla! Molta sort amb el projecte! Ajudeu a moltes dones i nenes!
Això és la quota de socis, de part del pare i la mare! <3