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Rural Development in Empty Spain

Collaborate in the purchase of an abandoned town and form part of a sustainable rural development project in the most disadvantaged Spain








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Published: 4 Aug 2021

Can you imagine being able to live in a more natural and healthy environment, closer to nature and human relationships ... A place far from the noise, pollution and stress that living in the city generates?

We know that there are many towns in rural Spain that are being emptied, there are areas that are already completely depopulated, while the pollution, noise, prices and stress of the city make it increasingly difficult to live in it.

Back to the Origin (BTO) was born in response to the need to revitalize the rural economies of empty Spain and develop, through technology and innovation, Smart Villages in order to solve the problem of overpopulation in cities and current socio-economic model, fuel for epidemics due to ecosystem degradation.

“Rural Development of Empty Spain” is the first challenge of a crowdfunding project in which every contribution, no matter how small, adds up. YOU ADD.

With your monthly or one-time contribution you will be part of a common project for the social and economic development of empty Spain, allowing the rehabilitation and activation of a rural nucleus that:

  • Promotes innovation and the incorporation of technology in agricultural production practices that respect natural ecosystems and favor the sequestration of carbon in the soil.
  • Encourages the transition from a social model based on consumerism to a society committed to sustainable development and responsible consumption.
  • Promotes the creation of rural employment and new forms of work that are more stable, less dependent and more respectful with the environment.
  • Promotes the use of efficient renewable energy systems in rural and unpopulated areas of the Spanish territory.
  • Urges public and private institutions to support a long-term sustainable development project in empty Spain.

The development needs that exist in empty Spain are an enormous opportunity for the development of collaborative research and innovation projects where companies, education, research, government and all people connect, innovate, inspire and share knowledge of jointly.

With your help we will be able to get the € 20,000 we need to buy the town and begin to reverse the problem of empty Spain and offer an alternative, more sustainable and healthy life model than the one offered by the city today.

Back to the Origin (BTO) nace para dar respuesta a la necesidad de revitalizar las economías rurales de la España vacía y de desarrollar un modelo socio-económico alternativo para asegurar un futuro sostenible a las nuevas y futuras generaciones.

Con la misión de revitalizar las economías rurales de la España vacía y la visión de garantizar un futuro mas sostenible con el medioambiente y saludable para las nuevas generaciones, Back to the Origin (BTO) es un proyecto por fases y el primer reto de la fase I es adquirir un pueblo abandonado de la España despoblada con el fin de revitalizarlo y desarrollar un núcleo rural atractivo para todos aquellos que, cada vez más, sienten que la ciudad ya ha dejado de ser un lugar deseable y sostenible donde vivir.
Todas las actividades de BTO se dirigen a promover:
1) La innovación y prácticas de producción agrícola sostenible que respeten los ecosistemas naturales, empleen energías renovables y favorezcan el secuestro de carbono en el suelo.
2) Los flujos de recursos desde el tejido local y para el tejido local a través de la creación de empleo local menos dependiente y más estable y respetuoso con el medio ambiente.
3)Las relaciones humanas cercanas y los valores de la convivencia, la solidaridad y de la creatividad, que se pierden en las grandes urbes y se fomentan en zonas menos pobladas.

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