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SOS Primates sends work clothes and equipment from Barcelona Zoo to all rescue centres and primate sanctuaries in Africa

We ask you to collaborate in this campaign to raise 3000 euros which will cover the shipment of 5 pallets (650 kg) of in abeyance uniforms and work equipment from Barcelona Zoo to Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary, in Sierra Leone, where the annual meeting of PASA (Pan African Sanctuary Alliance) will take place next November. All primate recovery centres members of this federation will be represented.

All those who donate can participate in the raffle of some magnificent hand-made drawings by Jordi Fàbregas, from the Image Team of the Barcelona Zoo, a great naturalist and animal lover, who donated them to SOS Primates for this purpose. These drawings represent a gibbon, an orangutan, a gorilla and a chimpanzee. The size of the portraits is 40 x 60 cm (15 x 23 inches).

How will the raffle work? After your donation you will be given a number which you will participate in the raffle of the Spanish National Christmas Lottery (December 22, 2018) with. The first, second and third numbers at the lottery will match the first, second and third prizes respectively. Each participation costs 3 euros, the numbers go from 000 to 999. The first prize can choose the two paintings that they like the most, the second can choose a drawing among the rest. The third will take the remaining drawing.

When you make the donation, you can specify your name details or do it anonymously. In both cases, we request you to send us your name and email, in order tha twe can contact you, in caseof being a prize winner. Please, send these details to info@sosprimates.org

It is not possible to choose the numbers; they will be given in order of arrival.

SOS Primates is a non-profit organization that wants to publicize the delicate situation faced by primates in the areas where they live and to contribute to their welfare and protection. It is formed by a team of volunteers from the world of primatology, animal welfare and conservation and its main objective is to help Lwiro Primate Rehabilitation Centre (CRPL), in the Democratic Republic of Congo, assisting, when possible, to other primate sanctuaries.

We want to provide the caregivers of PASA member centres with clothes and work equipment so that they can carry out their daily tasks at the centres, such as cleaning and disinfection of the facilities or food preparation. The initiative emerged from zoo keepers and educators from Barcelona Zoo linked to SOS Primates, and the equipment consists on trousers, shirts, polo-style sweaters, raincoats and boots. The material is sent properly inventoried, after having gone through a process of inspection, cleaning and packaging. It is a great help, since the expenses of PASA members haven't cease to increase with the arrival of new primate confiscations.

PASA aims to strengthen the relationships between the member sanctuaries, as well as help to tighten the laws of protection of wildlife, promote animal welfare and conservation of primates in Africa.

Barcelona Zoo collaborates with several of these centres, among which are Tacugama Sanctuary and CRPL through the scholarships awarded by its Foundation, aimed at the conservation, research and reintroduction of endangered species.

We would like to thank the volunteers of SOS Primates for their hard work, their time and effort spend on this project, as well as we want to thank Barcelona Zoo for its cession of material and its laundry services, and we would also like to thank the Associació d'Amics de Tacugama for their logistical support.

If you have any doubt, please contact: info@sosprimates.org

More information at www.sosprimates.org and www.lwiroprimates.org

SOS Primates

SOS Primates

SOS Primates es una entidad sin ánimo de lucro y su objetivo principal es promover la conservación de los primates y sus hábitats. Colaboramos estrechamente con el Centro de Rehabilitación de Primates de Lwiro (CRPL). Situado en el este de la República Democrática del Congo, el centro acoge a más de 50 chimpancés y 70 monos rescatados de la caza furtiva y el tráfico ilegal. En esta zona afectada por el conflicto bélico, el CRPL ofrece empleo a más de 30 trabajadores locales y representa la única esperanza para la protección y la supervivencia de estos fascinantes animales.

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