Our priority: to help social entities to promote Fundraising

15 September 2020

Is your social entity taking advantage of the opportunity that the uncertainty that we live offers us? The challenge facing all social entities in this new course is to adapt the fundraising strategy to the new situation. The entities that achieve it will emerge stronger from this pandemic.

The priority with which the new website of the migranodearena Foundation has been devised is precisely that, to help social entities to promote fundraising through crowdfunding campaigns led by the NGO itself as well as through campaigns "Peer to peer". For this we have included new functionalities that undoubtedly facilitate fundraising for social entities and contribute to the success of their campaigns.

All entities registered on the migranodearena website have a user profile through which the entity can view and edit the solidarity challenges it is leading, as well as access the collection reports and donation reports that will allow it to download the data from your donors. The user profile is 100% customizable with the logo, corporate color, texts and images. In addition, registered entities have a showcase of challenges through which the potential donor can access all the campaigns that are active in favor of the entity.

The new migranodearena website incorporates the possibility of offering symbolic rewards to encourage donations. The NGO Be Artsy, with its challenge  #Mask4health, let's fight against COVID19 in Nepal, has been the first entity to launch this functionality of the new website and thanks to the different rewards offered, it has managed to exceed the goal that had been proposed in record time .

Another novelty of the new site is the ticketing that facilitates the management of tickets for solidarity events for social entities.

Creating a campaign on the new migranodearena website helps to increase the social base of the NGO or Foundation that benefits from the campaign. In addition, the fact of being registered on our platform opens the possibility for the NGO that a person who receives a Solidarity BOX can choose that NGO as a beneficiary and exchange the donation from the box in their favor.

A remarkable aspect of the new website is the interactivity it offers to the creator of the challenge and its donors, giving the possibility of personalizing the message of gratitude for the donation or of periodically informing about the evolution of the campaign or the result of the same through from the updates section. These new tools contribute to generating transparency and generating connection and trust with the donor.

The new website also presents important improvements regarding the creation of the challenge. The process is easier and faster, and during the creation of the same many resources are offered to the creator that will guide him so that the campaign has the best chance of success. Thanks to the patron calculator, the creator of the challenge will be able to define a realistic and achievable economic objective according to their diffusion capacity. In addition, during challenge creation the challenge leader can download our Fundraising Tips inspired by other successful campaigns.

For a campaign to be a success, it is essential to give it visibility. The widget button allows incorporating the challenge on the entity's corporate website. The new website also incorporates the option to disseminate the challenge through the entity's social networks in just one click. From migranodearena we help in the dissemination of challenges through our social networks and we give visibility to the challenges that are about to achieve their goal in our showcase of outstanding challenges.

Migranodearena is a non-profit foundation, that is why we understand and share the needs of social entities like no one else. Thanks to being constituted as a Foundation, we provide the service to social entities of facilitating the issuance of tax certificates to all donors who use our platform. In addition, creating crowdfunding campaigns through our entity opens the possibility for the NGO to participate in any of the matchfunding campaigns that we carry out at migranodearena throughout the year.