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In November 2017 I was diagnosed with cervical cancer, but I was one of the lucky ones and fortunately after an operation I needed no further treatment. However, having been through that experience, I know how frightening and lonely it can be at times despite being surrounded by loved ones. I contacted the Mallorca Cancer Support group and found their help invaluable. They do an amazing job of supporting the ever increasing number of people affected by cancer and I now feel it's time to give back and to help them continue their work. I plan to do this and help my own recovery to full fitness by challenging myself to climb Mt Kilimanjaro ( at 5895m the highest mountain in Africa) in December 2019.

Associació Cancer Support Mallorca

Associació Cancer Support Mallorca

Somos una asociación pequeña que ayudamos a pacientes extranjeros con cáncer con apoyo emocional, nutricional, etc en su propia idioma, además de traductores, tratamientos suplementarios y ayuda practica en la casa.

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