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On September 16th, Anna Zennaro, Charles Froment, Emanuele Cavallero and I (Nicolas Pelletier) will challenge ourselves by swimming the Marnaton in Cadaques. Anna and I will tackle the 4km circuit while Charles will conquer the classic distance of 6.5km. 

We have chosen to support the wonderful charity Aninath, whose main purpose is to support and improve the experience of having a liver transplant, and thereby the life of a child and family during (and after) such a challenging process. Their current project is to replace 18 lounge chairs to first class seats with electronic dials and padded sides, at a cost of 900 euros each. This make a huge difference for parents and caregivers who spend days at a hospital,  time and again, due to the child's immunosuppression for life.

This association is especially close to my heart, as it was co-founded by my dear friend Mary, whose 8-yr old son Sasha sadly passed away on July 17th 2017 after heroically fighting his illness brought upon by a dysfunctional liver. 

Sasha, wherever you are, know that Anna, Charles and I will have you in our hearts during our swim, and will feel so very inspired by the incredible courage you showed throughout your life!

Naturally, any donation will contribute towards the improvement of these children’s experience, while further boosting our motivation to swim as best we can on the day!

Many thanks to you all,

Anna, Charles and Nicolas

Associació de Nens i Nenes amb Trasplantament Hepàtic

Associació de Nens i Nenes amb Trasplantament Hepàtic

ANiNATH nace por iniciativa de 4 familias que, tras vivir en primera persona el trasplante de hígado de sus hijos (Joan trasplantado con 8 meses de vida, Sasha con 5 años y Alexandra con 10 meses) y de su sobrina política Alexandra (a quien esta tía le ofreció un trocito de su hígado cuando ya no le quedaban alternativas) pensamos que era fundamental aportar nuestro granito de arena y ayudar a otras familias que están pasando por una  situación similar a la nuestra y que es muy dura.

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