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Benefits of Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is based on ancient Chinese philosophies and Taoist principles. To put it in layman's terms, It is a practise that permits the flow of energy








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Publicat: 18 de set. 2020

Living in the 21st century for most of us, has been like riding the bull and managing to hold a glass of water still, at the same time. Sounds chaotic, doesn't it?  

Gratefully, Yoga in the recent years has gained a great deal of popularity in helping people assuage their stress. Thanks to our government as well for introducing this lost gem again into our lifestyle. Most people feel that Yoga is just about movement and flexibility. Well, to be honest it is, but it is so much more than that!  

Yin Yoga is one such form of Yoga that has umpteen benefits.  

For all of you who are wondering - What is Yin Yoga?  

Yin yoga is based on ancient Chinese philosophies and Taoist principles. To put it in layman's terms, It is a practise that permits the flow of energy through the body by freely opening the blockages. It enables the stretching of tissues that we rarely focus on and enables us to hold a posture for several minutes, facilitating us to breathe in an uneasy situation.


What are the Benefits of Yin Yoga?


  1. Helps us relax our connective tissues

Many of us experience stiffness in various parts of our body due to excessive work load or the unavoidable happenstance. Yin Yoga aims at relaxing the connective tissues by lengthening our joints. It is like giving a green signal to the traffic jam of blockages. 


  1. It a form of meditation in itself


We have heard and read about the blessing of meditation pair it with Yin Yoga which focuses on holding a posture and allowing your body to be completely present in that moment for several minutes and see the wonders. Slow breathing and calming our mind is one focus of Yin Yoga. Don't underestimate the power of stillness.  


  1. Balances the mind and body


Unlike Yang Yoga that is primarily about dynamic movements such as Ashtanga yoga, Hatha yoga, and Vinyasa yoga. Just focusing on Yang won't bring in the overall benefit. Yin Yoga, calms the mind and body and helps cut down the anxiety by slowing the heart rate.  


  1. Improves Sleep


An imbalance between the mind and body can cause us to wake up during the night or lie awake on your bed staring at the ceiling blankly: one effective solution to this problem is Yin Yoga. It rejuvenates our mind and assisting us to let go of the worries that haunt us during the day.   


  1. Builds Strength 

Most of us carry the misconception that building strength is entirely dependent on muscle and weight on the contrary Yin Yoga's focal point is growing inner strength by following the act of surrending to the stillness and silence the chatter in our minds.  


With sundry advantages, what's stopping you from  practicing  this gifted ritual. Dive deep into the world of  Yin Yoga  and as you swim through this  practice  you'll be amazed to see how stupendously your body and mind responds. 

Gift yourself an hour! 


Yoga Sin Fronteras es una asociación sin ánimo de lucro. Nuestro objetivo es hacer del yoga una práctica accesible a todo el mundo, especialmente a los colectivos vulnerables y en riesgo de exclusión social. 

Los beneficios del yoga están demostradosy por ello los compartirlos con quienes más lo necesitan.

Nuestra misión es proporcionar habilidades prácticas para conseguir un estilo de vida relajado, saludable y equillibrado a todas las personas que, por la razón que sea, no pueden permitírselo o no tienen acceso a esta práctica tan beneficiosa.

Actualmente colaborando en distintos centros y con diferentes colectivos en Barcelona  (Casal dels Infants, Clínica de Salud Mental Coroleu, Fundación Lexia, Maresme Discapacitats) y tenemos también proyectos de yoga  y voluntarios internacionales que cooperan con otras ONG locales como Light Without Borders or Better Days en la isla griega de Lesbos, ofreciendo también yoga a las personas refugiadas de la isla e intentado mejorar la calidad de sus vidas.  

Gracias al patrocinio de Sampoorna Yoga, ofrecemos también formaciones de yoga oficiales a personas sin recursos económicos, aportando así  una oportunidad real de trabajo e integración social. 


Yoga significa unión. Unámonos.

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