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Let´s bring relief and laughs to the children of the worlds / Llevemos alivio y risas a las niñas y niños del mundo

Clown and Theatre helps people to express, develop and relief themselves while laughing and enjoying. Clown Science Dreams is dedicated to travel around the world providing workshops for personal and social development to Children, Youth and Adults.








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Publicat: 16 d’ag. 2019


Clown Science Dreams travels around the world providing trainings to the Children, Youth and Adults, for them to enjoy, play and recover the smile that they have lost. We have already travelled to Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Djibouti, Bangladesh, India, and much others countries where people have needs and have suffered the effect of wars, natural disasters or they are in situation of extreme poverty.

Please help us to continue our humanitarian tasks by donating any spare money. 


Clown Science Dreams viaja por todo el mundo haciendo formaciones a niños, jóvenes y adultos para que disfruten, jueguen y recuperen la sonrisa que han perdido. Ya hemos viajado a Siria, Iraq, Somalia, Djibouti, Bangladesh, India y muchos otros países donde las personas tienen necesidades y han sufrido el efecto de guerras, desastres naturales o están en situación de extrema pobreza.

Ayúdenos a continuar con nuestras tareas humanitarias donando algún dinero.

We are Clown Science Dreams, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the education of people in vulnerable situation in all the World through Theatre and Clown.

Our trainings are dedicated to improve education skills through personal development and artistics exercises, theater and clown.

We work so that people reach their emotional-rational balance as a basis for personal and social development.

We provide, through our techniques, tools to enhance the individual's abilities in favor of their personal and social development, adapting them to their environment and situation.

We work through the emotions and basic competences of the person. Our techniques are effective without depending on the social conditions in which the individual is.

In the training we apply our technique "Scientific Emotional Art" based on the connection of the rational and emotional part of the individual to reduce suffering and increase resilience.The training also fosters values of peace and reconciliation.

Please let us know fi you would like to receive more information about our trainings.

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