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Renewal of the Valencia Buddhist Centre

Without your generosity Triratna Buddhist activities are not possible. We need to renovate the Centre, maybe leaving the current place, moving and preparing a new space, or if the conditions are right possibly renewing the current space











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Publicat: 4 de jul. 2019

Contribute to Triratna, your sangha, in the renewal of the Valencia Buddhist Centre.

Dana or generosity consists of the act of giving and the feeling of wanting to give.

Without the generosity of the sangha the activities of the Valencia Buddhist Centre would not be possible, and without our activities many of us would feel less able to understand and practice the Dharma and to live a better life. Your generosity is good and necessary to contribute to the changes we are undertaking, and it is good for you too.

We have to leave the current premises in C/ Sagunto, and the move and refurbishment of a new space requires your financial support.

It is also possible that we will not find something in better conditions, in which case the fundraising will be used for the maintenance and renovation of the current centre.

For each of us, the practice of dana is an integral part of our spiritual life and of being sangha.

Change your mind / change the world.
And for you who come little to the centre, or do not come at all, or who do not consider yourself to be Buddhist ... why give? Buddhism is a deeply transforming vision of existence that, whether you come or not to the centre, will affect you, affect the world and change it for the better. We care about you, care about building a better world for everyone, with more harmony, more awareness of nature, caring for animals, caring for ideas, caring for the future of us all. Whether you practice Buddhism or not, it bears you in mind and takes you into account. And you: will you do the same for us? Your support would make a real difference.

We suggest a contribution of €50.

If this is not possible, please donate what you can.

Sangharakshita says: you may not be morally scrupulous, you may not get even five minutes to meditate, it may be that from one year to the next you stop reading the scriptures but, if you aspire to lead some higher life, at least you can give.

In the Buddhist Centre all the activities you can go to, for your development, happiness and the benefit of all beings, are the product of the many contributions made over many years by many people, giving their time, money, effort, sharing their skills, their experience of Dharma and meditation .... And we receive all this without paying for it, since the dana we provide is not a payment. If we paid for these things we would obviously be talking about much more than the €5 for a regulars class or €70 for a course. Our contributions contribute to the life of the Dharma so that it reaches more and more people.

Triratna Valencia was born from the generosity and love of Moksananda, Paramachitta and Parami, and continued to grow from the love and generosity of many women and men, mitras, friends and members of the Triratna Order. Giving has made many of us better walkers on the path of the Dharma. Some of us are not truly great at anything, but as long as we can give a little of ourselves we are still on the path. Giving is the path itself. Not giving is the terrain of "I"

When reading or hearing about a request for dana it is easy to feel resistance, to think "again?!"; to believe "I do not have", to feel "I have a hard time earning it" ... and maybe all this is true and yet I still think it is true that if the Buddha, Dharma and Sangha can open our lives and open us to a new and dazzling perspective, giving is actually the natural response.

Things have not been easy of late, and yet with what generosity and metta so many have worked to move things on. And here we are, without any doubt still working to move things forward.

We feel spiritually strong and eager. We will almost certainly have to leave the current centre because the owners want to raise the rent more and more, and we understand that they are looking at the possibility of converting the place into tourist apartments. But we are confident that we can count on sufficient dana and a lot of beautiful generosity . Negotiating with the owners we have been able to earn a little time, so we do not have to rush out. But we will still need to raise funds. Funds for the relocation, refurbishment of the premises that will be our new centre. Your contribution will make it possible.

Even if something important changed and we finally get a new long-term contract in the present centre - something that is probably quite unlikely -  we still need to raise funds to renovate the current Centre and to make it beautiful, comfortable and welcoming for the practice of Dharma, and to be the home of the Buddha and our Sangha.

The Buddhist Centre is our home, and the proposal is that we happily collaborate together in this new phase. Every contribution is welcome and every contribution, you can be sure, will result in the development of the Dharma for the benefit of all beings.

Thanks in advance - your grain of sand is a grain of gold.

El Centro de Retiros Suryavana es un proyecto que nació de una iniciativa del Centro Budista de Valencia que ha adquirido identidad propia. Suryavana es un proyecto, que al igual que el Centro Budista de Valencia, crea un contexto en el que todas las personas pueden contactar con la tradición espiritual que en Occidente se conoce como Budismo y aprovechar los beneficios que esta ofrece.

Alrededor del centro hemos cultivado distintos ejemplos de cómo vivir y tener una práctica espiritual. Durante muchos años tuvimos un negocio de subsistencia ética en donde un equipo de personas funciona en forma de cooperativa, permitiendo a la gente trabajar éticamente con otros que comparten sus valores.

Nuestro centro es parte de un movimiento internacional fundado por Sangharákshita - la Comunidad Budista Triratna (antes Los Amigos de la Orden Budista Occidental o AOBO)-. En Triratna estamos comprometidos a practicar y presentar el Budismo de una manera apropiada para el mundo moderno. Dentro del movimiento Triratna estudiamos y practicamos aquellos aspectos del budismo que consideramos útiles para nuestro desarrollo. A la vez que permanecemos fieles a la tradición budista buscamos fuentes de inspiración fuera del Budismo, significando esto que no tenemos que abandonar nuestras raíces culturales cuando nos adentramos en el camino budista. Podemos apreciar y utilizar lo mejor de la cultura y el arte occidental como un puente de entendimiento a las enseñanzas budistas.


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