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Building on the success of Colt’s 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 & 2016 charity bike rides from London to Paris to Amsterdam to Frankfurt to Zurich, from Marseille to Barcelona, this year’s charity bike ride is going to make an even bigger impact, with the greatest donation target ever of our employee initiatives!

Over 100 riders, all amateurs from Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, Spain, the UK, Japan, Singapur, India and the USA will be taking part. Between the 22nd and 25th of September we will cycle over 500kms in 4 days and go further into Southern Europe: from Barcelona to Valencia

To date we have ridden over 2,500 kms and raised over €400,000 for vulnerable children across Europe. In 2017, we are extending our expected impact to many more children from cities where Colt operates. Each rider will be raising funds for the local charity partner of the city he or she is from! In total, with Colt's matched funding, our target is to raise over €100,000. We need your help!

Seventeen volunteers from Barcelona will hit the road with the objective of collecting €11.050 to support our Charity Partner, Aldeas Infantiles.

Aldeas Infantiles will use the donation to support one of their programs for children in need:

Protection program, the “Aldea Infantil SOS” village is located in Sant Feliu de Codines and gives shelter to 50 children

Autonomy program, helps adolescents begin the process towards autonomy providing them access to a residence where they will receive the support of coaches


Thanks for your support !!

Aldees Infantils SOS - Catalunya

Aldees Infantils SOS - Catalunya

Aldeas Infantiles SOS es una organización internacional, privada, de ayuda a la infancia, sin ánimo de lucro, interconfesional e independiente de toda orientación política, fundada el 1949 a Imst (Austria) y que tiene presencia a 134 países. Nuestra tarea se centra en el desarrollo del niño hasta que este llega a ser una persona autosuficiente y muy integrada a la sociedad. Trabajamos para fortalecer las familias más vulnerables, de forma que puedan atender adecuadamente sus hijos; protegemos también los niños que han sido privados de la cura de sus padres, y los brindamos un entorno familiar protector en el cual pueden crecer sintiéndose estimados y respetados, y también acompañamos los jóvenes en su proceso de madurez e independencia.

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