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Once upon a time cancer nearly robbed me of my life. Only a stem cell transplant stopped a small corner of the Nuestra Señora de la Almudena cemetery in Madrid becoming ´forever England´.

A stem cell transplant (similar to a bone marrow transplant) is basically a premise for high-intensity chemotherapy: debilitating and foul treatment for up to a month in an isolation unit. 

Nonetheless, aside from the obvious life-saving potential, I actually received a stroke of remarkable good fortune: I was one of the lucky few who didn´t require a donor. 

Most patients do and whilst sometimes a family member matches, often they do not. In such circumstances the odds are against finding a match, leaving the patient with little chance of cure. Despite being a proceedure pioneered in the 1960s, there are still a woeful lack of donors.

Please help me support other patients receive the treatment that saved my life, but that is denied to them simply because their cancer type requires a donor.

Sponsor me to run a half marathon in Almería on Saturday 11 July and all funds raised will go to the Fundación Josep Carreras, whose tireless work is dedicated to maintaining and growing a database of donors.

You can also join a donor database. Registering is easy, and you only actually donate if they find a match. For those of you in Spain, if you are aged between 18 and 55 then you are eligible, find more information on the Fundación´s webpage: 


Those in the UK, you have to be aged between 18 and 30, speak to the Anthony Nolan Trust and they will send you a ´spit kit´ by post: 


The life you save could be someone dear to us all, so dig deep into those pockets and encourage all your friends to register as donors. 



Fundación Josep Carreras contra la leucemia

Fundación Josep Carreras contra la leucemia

La Fundación Josep Carreras lucha contra la leucemia a través de 4 grandes áreas de actividad: la búsqueda de donantes voluntarios de médula ósea para pacientes que no disponen de un donante entre sus familiares; la investigación científica; el apoyo para la mejora de las infraestructuras hospitalarias y los servicios sociales a pacientes.

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