Welcome to a crowdfunding tool for charities

We offer you a fundraising tool to help your charity to found its projects through solidarity crowdfunding. If your project pretends to improve society, then get the support of many people that might share the same purpose with you via micro-donations. There are over 1,700 NGOs and charities receiving funds for their projects through our platform.

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>> If you wish a third party creating a solidarity challenge for your charity:

  • Tell your social base, partners and volunteers how to use Communicate it in your website, social media, newsletter, blog and tell about this alternative way to collaborate with you to the whole of you social base. Interested people will create, lead and collect funds for you organization! We help you explain to them how to create their challenge through your communication channels: download communication kit


>> If you wish a third party creating a solidarity challenge for your charity:

1.     Register your charity as a beneficiary here:

From this moment, you will have access to our NGO BackOffice, from where you will be able to auto-manage and personalize your charity profile and from where you will be able to check and download reports and statistics from your donors and from your overall crowdfunding campaigns. To access to your BackOffice, you have username and passwords (the one used when registering your charity)

2.     Create a user account for your charity here*:

Only users (that can be people, NGO, charities, organizations or companies) can create challenges at Once you have created a user account for your charity, then you can create a solidarity challenge and begin fundraising. Before starting, read and take into account the following fundraising tips or check on some examples.

*Important: you will have another username and password to access your charity user account.


>> Another ways of doing the most of

  • If your charity organises solidarity events, use to fundraise: a row zero for a concert, a charity dinner, etc. | Look at example |
  • Solidarity raffle: create a solidarity challenge and raffle something that might be interesting for your audience in exchange for donations. | Look at example |


WHEN DO WE RECEIVE THE FUNDS RAISED? monthly transfer the funds raised the previous month to all charities. However the raising objective has not been 100%, we do transfer what has been fund to the charity.



  • Popular: more than 53,000 people have already made a donation (2015)
  • Successful: more than 1,5 M € have been fundraised for social projects in 2016
  • Digital: online tool integrated with social media, viral and easy to use
  • Exclusive: only fundraising for charity
  • Secure: all donations are made through CaixaBank’s virtual POS (Point of Sale) or PayPal.
  • Experienced: was founded in 2009, being the first crowdfunding platform in Spain
  • Professional: we arrange meetings with NGOs in order to help them in their fundraising campaigns

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