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Crowdfunding helps you to help others. The financial donation of several people to the same cause. Each person donates the amount deemed appropriate or can contribute, to get together, the target set for carrying out the initiative rests.

Crowdfunding allows fundraising over the Internet to carry out social and charity projects.

Any person, firm or NGO can create a solidary challenge and and fundraising group for a social cause.

Register and create your challenge!

Only NGOs and non-profit organisations (foundations or associations) legally constituted and registered in Spain can get donations through NGO's must register in order to be part of the platform.

Registration form for NGO do not charge any fees for using the platform. It have no cost to users.

NGOs assume the only cost of the tool, corresponding to the use of payment gateway (0.9%) and PayPal fees (2.9%).

 Also, NGOs on Premium will contribute with 4% of the total fundraised that will be invested in technological and service updates of the platform.

See Terms and Conditions  uses crowdfunding philosophy known as 'Everything Counts'. I mean, every challenge received in a challenge in, be transferred to the charity chosen by the user.

In we believe that any bit counts, and therefore, we allocate all donations to the charity of choice, whether you hit the target or not.


~~Yes, allows you exceed fundraising goal, there is no limit.

Once you reach the goal, you can continue receiving donations until the end of the challenge.

You can change the fundraising goal whenever you want

Yes, every challenge will remain open until one month after the deadline set by the user and therefore, it may continue to receive donations until then.

In there is no fixed minimum size, nor a maximum. The donor can choose the amount you want to donate for an NGO.

A challenge can only raise funds for a single NGO.

Still, you can create several challenges -one for each of the NGOs- and then share it with all your friends and family to decide which entity support.

Create your challenge




Yes, you can create as many challenges as you like, even simultaneously. The important thing is that every challenge you create you communicate it, share it with your friends and collect funds for the cause that moves you.

Tips for making a successful challenge offers secure and automatic system to reset your password.

Click here to recuperate it

You must remove the wrong challenge and create a new challenge with the NGO  you choose. You'll find the created challenge  in "My Challenges" inside "My Account".

Acces your account


If a challenge hasn't received any donations, you can delete it and re-create it. In addition, you can save it as a draft, if you still don't want to publish it
However, if a challenge has already received a donation, you can only hide it so that no longer will be public.
Entering your account, you can view a summary of all your created challenges and change this option (hide, delete or publish).

Yes, you can change the deadline of your solidarity challenge, but keep in mind that you can confuse donors. is an online crowdfunding platform for solidarity, so all donations received are in favor of an NGO. 

NGOs discharged from must be legally constituted as a non-profit and registered in Spain. 

An NGO wishing to receive funds through must register as a partner in 

The registration process is automatic, once registered will receive a welcome email from

Form to register an NGO

If the NGO  you want to help is not discharged in, you have 3 options:

Contact the NGOs to register, explaining your solidarity challenge.
Contact us and we'll help the NGOs you want to be discharged.
Or, you can always choose between NGOs already discharged

Through the general search engine, you can find an NGO and accessing its profile, see the challenges created in his favor. will transfer the personal donor data only to the NGO that are registred within the Premium service.

We promise to transfer to the appropriate NGO the monthly collected amount in 

Only costs associated with financial donations are deducted.

In donations are accepted online payments using a credit card or debit card. 

You can also use your PayPal account.

Yes, since December 2003 you can transfer donations through a PayPal account.

When you make a donation to a challenge, you can choose whether you want your name to be visible or donate anonymously. 

However, only your name is published, any other personal information. 

If you wish to donate anonymously, simply check the appropriate box on the time while the donation.

If you are trying to donate and receive an error message, try again and check whether you are entering your card details correctly. 

If the error persists, check with your bank to make sure there are no errors with the credit card. 

For any issues, please email us at telling what the incidence and attach a screenshot of the error.

In, we only accept on-line donations using a credit or debit card. You can also use your PayPal account. reports that according to the law of patronage 49/2002, of 23 December, donations made on behalf of the beneficiary institutions sponsorship activity will be entitled to deduct in the share of personal income tax on income from donor. 


Once made ​​the donation, you will receive in your email the confirmation and a reference number. It is important that you keep and you save the reference number because that's how the donation is identified.

Attorney Certified donation is automatically generated of donation, using the following donor data: name, first and last name, DNI / CIF, address, zip code. 

Attorney Certified donation is sent by email to the address provided of donation.

Yes, you can donate from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a credit card / debit card or a PayPal account.

You can only donate Euros (€). At the time of making a donation, please select your country.

Once done, you can not modify a donation. Therefore, before making a donation check that all fields are correct.'s team will not make any modification. 

You can cancel a donation. To do this, contact us 

If you have any question or issue to make a donation you can contact us on phone 93 205 21 91 or by email at

If you want to help us, contact our team!