About us


migranodearena.org is a crowdfunding website to raise money online for NGOs. A pioneer in Spain, this platform has given citizens a new way to contribute their “grain of sand” in favor of a social cause. At migranodearena.org we believe that the sum of small grains of sand can improve the life of many people. 

It is a socially committed tool, easy to use, transparent, free and accessible to all of those (individuals, companies and NGOs) who want to help through crowdfunding. An individual takes the initiative to help, creates a crowdfunding challenge in favor of an NGO, establishing a fundraising goal, and shares this challenge with all his relatives, friends and contacts. The power resides in the sum of the micro-donations of many people (crowdfunding), creating a multiplier effect of the social aid.

migranodearena.org has been created by Fundación real dreams, whose mission is to obtain economic, timewise and product-related resources in order to help NGOs. It acts as a catalyst for social support between companies, individuals and NGOs, with the ultimate goal of improving the quality of life of the most underprivileged and vulnerable groups.