About migranodearena.org

Migranodearena.org is the charity platform for social and solidarity crowdfunding that allows to be involved with social causes through the creation of solidarity challenges based on crowdfunding. In migranodearena.org we show, year after year, that the addition of many grains of sand can improve the lives of many people.

Through migranodearena.org you can support NGOs and non-profit organizations such as foundations, associations or cooperatives.

Migranodearena.org works as follows: a person, group of people or a company takes the initiative to create a charity challenge for an NGO, sets a economic goal and shares it with family, friends and acquaintances to support them. Even if the goal is not reached, the funds are transferred to the NGOs.

¿Qué es migranodearena.org? Descubre cómo ser solidario gracias al crowdfunding social. from Fundación real dreams on Vimeo.

Since its launch in 2009, migranodearena.org has hosted more than 6,000 charity challenges, which have raised over € 6,700,000 in favour of social and solidarity causes. If you would like more information about the platform, you can check the statistics here.

In migranodearena.org we pursue two objectives: to offer an efficient tool that promotes solidarity and citizen involvement with social impact, as well as to offer a tool for charities that helps them to fund its projects in a sustainable way.

Fundación real dreams

Migranodearena.org was created by Fundación real dreams, a non-profit organization that connects people, companies and non-profit organizations through digital tools and innovative projects.

Thanks to our online platforms, we help non-profit and social projects to obtain resources (funds, products or services), implement social action projects for companies and promote solidarity among people. Fundación real dreams also carries out Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes with companies.

Fundación Real Dreams

Why to choose migranodearena.org?

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It is a collaborative and participative platform that follows the "everything counts" model: every € donated reaches the NGO, regardless of whether or not the target is reached.

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Although our success is measured in terms of social impact, over € 6.7 million has been raised in favor of NGO's projects thanks to migranodearnea.org.

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Exclusiva para ONG

Over 2,300 NGOs and non-profit organizations trust us and our community of more than 100,000 supportive people endorses us day by day.

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Transparent and comitted

Donations are made via bank card or PayPal and are displayed in real time on the website.

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Migranodearena.org was born in 2009, being pioneer in our country. Our long career provides us with experience and knowledge.

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We offer personalized advice and attention to users in order to increase the success rate of the crowdfunding campaigns.